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Qualified Domestic Relations and other Pension Orders are only prepared under the direction and on behalf of legal counsel.

Hoffman Divorce Strategies handles the preparation and qualification of Qualified Domestic Relations, Military Pension Division Orders, State, Federal and Other Pension Division Orders for attorneys on behalf of their clients. We work with attorneys and their clients to process the order and make sure that it is approved by the pension administrator.

Orders and related documents are e-delivered by secure Share File™ allowing a three-day turnaround from our office once payment, division instructions, plan procedures and suggested QDRO formats have been received.

Scope of Services

  • Review of substantive provisions of division of pension benefits negotiated by Parties’ legal counsel, Plan procedures and preparation of Orders for Attorney review
  • One correction of Order as requested by Counsel
  • Submission to Plan for pre-review, if applicable
  • One correction of Order to comply with Plan Administrator review
  • Submission of corrected Order to Counsel for signing and filing
  • Transmission of Court-certified Order to Plan Administrator

It is the general policy of Hoffman Divorce Strategies to have draft Orders conditionally pre-approved by the Plan Administrator. Some Plans will not pre-approve an order. Some plans have long approval times (in some cases, up to six weeks). However, most plans can pre-approve an order in a timely manner. Conditional Pre-approval does not constitute formal approval and qualification by the Plan.


Military Pension Division Orders [1] $1,000
Defined Benefit Plan QDRO or Court Order $640
Defined Contribution Plan QDRO or Court Order (including IRA Court Orders) $480

Hoffman Divorce Strategies professionals do not replace a client’s attorney and cannot give legal advice.

HDS can provide consultation or expert testimony and are trained in mediation and collaborative divorce.

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