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With our unique experience in accounting, financial planning and divorce financial analysis we help attorneys manage and win more cases for their clients.

Family Law Attorneys engage Hoffman Divorce Strategies to assist them with the preparation of defensible financial reports for negotiation or litigation.

Hoffman Divorce Strategies can work with you and your clients as a consultant or to provide expert testimony at trial or deposition. We are trained to work as part of a team in litigation, collaboration or as a private financial mediator. We can meet with you, your clients and opposing counsel face to face or virtually using GOTOMEETING™.


Include but are not limited to:

  • Expert Testimony
    • Community Valuation and Scheduling
    • Reimbursement Scheduling and Documentation
    • Tracing
    • Pension and Retirement Account Strategies and Valuations
    • Stock Option and Restricted Stock Valuation and Analysis
    • Deferred Compensation Review and Valuation
    • Executive Compensation Plan Review and Analysis
    • Document Control
    • Trial book preparation
    • Child Support
    • Determination of Income
    • Assistance with Calculations
    • Lifestyle Analysis for “over guideline” cases
  • Assistance with Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, Military, Federal and State Pension Court Orders
  • Preparation and Review of Financial Affidavits
  • Preparation and Review of Detailed Descriptive Lists
  • Preparation of and Response to Financial Subpoenas
  • Settlement Offer Analysis Projected Needs Analysis
  • Child and Spousal Support Securitization Calculations

Hoffman Divorce Strategies professionals do not replace a client’s attorney and cannot give legal advice.

HDS can provide consultation or expert testimony and are trained in mediation and collaborative divorce.

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